Asbestos Removal Works: Mount Grace School

Description of work:
Asbestos removal works to the boiler room, plant room and undercroft.

Undertake the removal of asbestos containing thermal insulation within the boiler and plant rooms. Following this, to undertake the removal of thermal insulation contamination to soil to the under croft. 

Method of work:
The works to the boiler and plant rooms were carried out under fully controlled conditions utilising a combination of injection and quill blasting techniques. All pipework and redundant plant items were removed as part of the project. 

The removal of thermal insulation debris to the under croft was also completed under fully controlled conditions while mitigating the risk of confined spaces. The under croft was cleared of all contaminated soil down to the clay layer beneath. 

The project was completed within timescale with exemplary health and safety standards as audited by the HSE during an unannounced visit.

8 Weeks
Potters Bar
Asbestos Removal