Land Remediation

We deliver a full solution for the remediation of contaminated land

Land re-use is key to delivering housing and larger infrastructure projects. However, Many brownfield sites still contain asbestos and other dangerous chemicals, such as carcinogens, toxic compounds, and even explosive weapons. Construction projects may be significantly delayed by this kind of contamination, which also puts workers on the ground at serious risk.

We utilise our experience, current industry best practice and a pragmatic approach to formulate and deliver a cost effective solution for land remediation. We collaborate with our partners to address any contaminants identified within the site, specialising in asbestos in soils.

How Spectra can help you?

In collaboration with customers, developers, and their consultants, we offer comprehensive solutions for land remediation while also assessing the feasibility for our clients & other potential hazards through site investigations. This procedure entails:

  • Preliminary desktop risk assessment, looking at current and historical land use, construction and demolition records.
  • Developing a strategic plan.
  • Site surveys, including sampling strategies, site mapping and sample collation.
  • UKAS accredited qualitative and quantitative analysis of asbestos in soil.
  • Identifying cost effective site remediation strategies.
  • Management of removal works and disposal.

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