Asbestos Survey Works: National Supermarket Retailer

Description of work:
Spectra is the primary consultant responsible for undertaking Asbestos Management of this clients supermarkets, funeral branches & residential properties. The works involve the management of approx. 1200 buildings within portfolio covering all of the South East

This involves undertaking all forms of surveys for works such as refurbishments surveys, Management surveys & re-inspection surveys.

We also provide removal specifications & post works air monitoring including 4 stage clearances & update of the premises management plans & associated online register held with C365

Spectra are adept at undertaking our work at specific times. For example, we have to avoid the opening hours of food stores and supermarkets, as well as times when funeral branches have client appointments. This results in a lot of out-of-hours time spent conducting surveys and project managing the removal works conducted by another company. The latter involves auditing performance and ensuring CAR2012 standards are adhered to.

Additionally, some of the buildings are in Grade I and II listed buildings, meaning we have to work to stringent heritage requirements as well as the rules of the relevant local authorities. This involves careful pre-planning and regular contact with the client and local councils.

£900,000 pa
6 years (ongoing)
South East
Commercial & Residential
Asbestos Surveys / Removals / Consultancy